Wild Woods - Wine Crafted Furniture

We are excited to share Wild Woods design studio with all of the wine lovers out there. As you can probably tell, we love our wine related furniture and wine products as much as we love our wine. And this is not a shop that you want to ignore if you are as passionate about all of the above as we are.

Matt Minor, the founder of Wild Woods, builds unique and custom furniture from his shop in southern Wisconsin. It is difficult to find furniture that is made in America with the level of skill and craftsmanship that Wild Woods delivers. Matt harvests the majority of his hardwoods from the land he lives on, but also uses trees from the Red Wood Forest and Napa valley wine barrels to create his pieces.

Mostly recently we purchased this beautiful clock that has been re-purposed from the top of a wine barrel. It is an outstanding piece and it adds uniqueness and class to our room. Check out their site to see more of Matt's craftsmanship.

By Tannins and Tatas
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