Top 2015 Wine Charms

To kick off 2015 we started to compile our top wine related products for the year and wine charms had to be on it. Flu season is upon us and share a glass and you could end up with the flu, ick! ! There's our PSA for the year - do not share glasses! Wine charms are a cute and fun way to prevent guests from accidentally taking someone else's cup. You can make your own by modifying our post from earlier this week or check out some of our top favorites!

True Fabrications Colorful Silicone Wine Charms

These charms are small, cheap, and simple. They are silicone so they can be washed easily with soap and water and reused.

Kikkerland Dapper 'Staches Silicone Drink Markers

Made from 100% silicone, these drink markers make for a masculine and trendy way to mark your glasses this year.

Wine Glass Writer Metallic Pens -6 Pack

These markers are not permanent and wash off easily (but with a little elbow grease so they won't come off during use). They make for a great way to label glasses or bottles during a wine tasting.

Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Charms

These wine charms are magnetic and are a subtle yet sophisticated way to identify your wine glass.

The Cats Meow Wine

To all of our readers and friends who love cats, these are for you. Meow!

Here's to 2015! Happy New Year!


By Tannins and Tatas
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