The Tannin and Tatas' Wine Club

A little bit of background on us:

We are a group of Midwestern ladies that were tired of feeling the winter blues. The notorious winters of the Midwest are no exaggeration and can become brutally long and boring. To break up the everlasting winter months, we formed a wine club to provide entertainment, a way to learn more about wine, as well as a way to meet new people. Some of us know each other and others don't. We have invited friends of friends to form our club, so we are excited to get to know new ladies and develop new relationships as we begin our learning journey together. We all have varying backgrounds, educations, professions, and tastes.

We are by no means experts on wine. That is our disclaimer. But our hope is that through our wine club, our blog, and the wine excursions that we experience, we will not only educate ourselves, but will be able to provide some education to our readers who want to learn along with us.

Forming a Wine Club:

There isn't a lot of science to forming a wine club. Every club will probably look a little different and will depend on what works for its members. Our wine club will meet once a month and will rotate the host each month. The host will pick the type of wine to be featured and will provide food to pair with the chosen wine type. Each member will bring one bottle under the featured type. Regions, brands, costs, and locations of purchases will vary and we will discuss, compare/contrast and then share our research with our readers.


Our mission is to provide basic concepts, information, and research to those wanting to learn more about wine, pairings, and products in a low-key and entertaining format. We hope to inspire and share our excitement for wine and encourage others to learn alongside of us.


By Tannins and Tatas
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