Summer is Over, Cheers to Fall

We definitely took the summer off from blogging, yikes! We spent all summer soaking up a ton of wine knowledge while visiting many, many wineries. We wrapped up our summer with a trip to Vinmark Estates in Hastings to check out their harvest and grab some wine before they closed for the year. Looks like there was a good crop this year for wineries in the Midwest, aside from the endless amount of rain we received this year (such a strange problem to have). Too much rain can cause grey rot and other fungal diseases that may cause the wine to be more acidic than usual or greatly reduce the yields, if not destroy the field.

Fall is an exciting time to visit a winery so if you don't have any weekend plans, head on out and visit one! You'll find smaller crowds and less bachelorette parties, yay! Most of the wineries in our area have already harvested this year's crop so you will probably not see any grapes on the vines. If you do, they may be covered in netting to keep the birds away. These grapes will be left on until mid winter so they freeze and can be harvested for ice wine.

We are looking forward to a busy fall filled with more wineries and our newest adventure, bee keeping!


By Tannins and Tatas
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