Sparkling Wine Tasting Planning - The Supplies

Once you have chosen your theme and planned the food for your event, you will need to get supplies. This may be our favorite part of planning for a wine tasting, what girl doesn't love to shop?

Here are some supplies you might want to pick up if you are hosting a wine tasting party for sparkling wine or Champagne:

The Glass - Champagne is best served in a flute style glass to showcase the wine's bubbles. We have the Nattie by Crate and Barrel and love the sophisticated yet modern flare that it has.

Groceries - This one is obvious but we will list it anyway! Make sure you grab ice to cool your wine! We forgot and had to leave the wine outside - not your best option but it was 32 degrees out so worked well!

Fresh Flowers - Everyone loves fresh flowers so grab some for the center of your table to brighten the mood. Our first party is in January and this cold weather is starting to get to us! Flowers will give your guests a sense of Spring and add some natural beauty to your table. Champagne is often viewed as a classy and sophisticated wine so look for white roses, orchids, or white lilies.

Ice Bucket - Champagne should be served ice cold. Refrigerate the wine until your guests arrive and then display the opened bottles in an ice bucket. Try an ice bucket with a stand if your party is outside or if you do not have table space for the tub.

Serveware - Tie your look together with coordinating serving bowls and platters. We will be using all white plates and serveware for an elegant and cohesive look.

Wine Tasting Book - Grab a wine tasting book to educate yourself and suggest your guests get a copy as well if you will be having frequent wine tastings with a group of friends.

Have fun shopping!

By Tannins and Tatas
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