Sparkling Wine Tasting Planning - The Meal

Wine tasting planning shouldn't be hard. It should be fun and educational. We checked off our first planning item last week, Choose a Theme and are now on to planning the meal.

Champagne and most sparkling wines will pair well with anything salty and crunchy. Champagne will also pair with many foods and is often a great choice to serve when you are serving a diverse menu. Check out the Gentleman's Guide to Basic Wine Pairings for some inspiration for your next wine tasting!

There are several different types of sparkling wine but we will stick to crunchy and salty foods. We will be on the hunt for some recipes for our wine tasting and will share the recipes with you after! We are thinking of some salty popcorn, a fish dish, and for desert we will pair a nice rose with some milk chocolate covered bacon. Pairing dessert and champagne can be tricky since the wine should always be sweater than the dessert. Champagne is not known for being sweet but you can explore pairing Asti or a Rose with dessert.

Maybe we will have some Sparkling Wine tonight while we finalize the menu! Not sure why we said maybe, we definitely will be --- it's about zero degrees out!


By Tannins and Tatas
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