Sparkling Wine Tasting Planning - Choose a Theme

Our first Tannins & Tatas Wine Club "meeting" will be held in just a few short weeks! Procrastinating like we better get to planning!

So what do you need to do to throw a fun, classy, and educational wine tasting anyway? The first step to planning a wine tasting is something that we struggle with each time we host: Choosing a Theme.

Do you want to taste red wine, white wine, or both? There are many varietals of wine to choose from and the options for your theme are endless. Will you choose a horizontal tasting, vertical tasting or something else? For a list of options see our previous post on Wine Tasting Themes to help you out.

We suggest choosing a theme for many reasons and it will make the event easier on yourself and your guests. The theme for your wine tasting will help you plan your meal and the order which you will serve the wine. You will also need to know the order to taste each wine. For general rules, see First Pour Wine's post on Wine Tasting Order. We will cover the rules for sparkling wine tasting order in a separate post.

For the theme for January we have selected a blind tasting and each guest will bring a sparkling wine of their choice. The label will be hidden until the end of the tasting simply because many of us have had several sparkling wines within the price point of $20 or less (and we made cute wraps to cover the labels which we will share later this week).

Good luck choosing your theme and feel free to contact us and we can make a suggestion for you! There are so many options so our suggestion is to keep it easy and start off with a blind tasting and choose a common varietal from the "Big Eight" of Wine Tasting.


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By Tannins and Tatas
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