Pinot Noir

Info - Pinot Noir is a complicated wine. Complicated in the uniqueness of each bottle and the variances in smell, color, and taste. We held our first Pinot Noir tasting over the last weekend and had several bottles from the same region that tasted very different. Tip - If you are hosting a Pinot Noir tasting, try to compare Pinot Noir to Red Burgundy. Pinot Noir from the New World tends to be more in your face like bigger and bolder reds while Red Burgundies from the Old World tend to be more elegant with subtle flavors. After three Pinots from the West Coast they all started tasting the same, a New World - Old World tasting is a great way to avoid the monotony we experienced in our tasting (Note to self: we need more plain crackers to cleanse our pallet next red wine tasting).

All of our bottles cost under $20.00, but offered us such a wide range of tastes and flavors it was hard to pinpoint a favorite or really do a fair comparison between each.

Once again, wine preferences vary greatly with each person. Our "white wine" drinkers preferred the sweeter, lighter Pinot. The more experienced red wine drinkers leaned their preferences towards the spicy and/or acidic varietals. However, out of the group, there wasn't really one that wasn't preferred. Five bottles of Pinot disappeared among six women in a matter of a couple hours and there were no major complaints regarding a particular bottle. It was a great learning experience to taste how five different bottles of the same "type" of wine could taste so completely different.

Color: light pomegranate red to dark cherry red

Origin: Burgundy Region

Currently found predominantly in California and the Pacific Northwest

Flavor: Cherries, pepper, citrus (all varied quite a bit)

Smell: Light fruity aromas

Food Pairings: Earthy foods - mushrooms, asparagus, ham, cherries, goat cheese, wild game, tomatoes

This guy supervised the party!

Cheers and look for our Pinot Grigio tasting next month! Any suggestions for what we should try or recipes to pair with the wine, let us know on our Facebook page!

By Tannins and Tatas
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