HookStone Winery - Up North in WI

Hayward, WI is a prime travel destination in both the summer and the winter. With locally produced foods such as fudge, popcorn, and wine in addition to the fishing, skiing, boating, spas, and shopping, it's not a wonder why this area is such a huge attraction to tourists.

Over Memorial weekend, while touring around in downtown Hayward, we decided to swing through HookStone Winery for a tasting. Because who cannot walk past a local tasting room and not at least stop by? Well not us! Although you won't find a solid Merlot or Cabernet, there were a delightful array of fruit and blended wines to make for a fun afternoon tasting. We were most impressed by the Panfish Port. We could see it becoming a great pairing along with a campfire. And maybe some s'mores.

By Tannins and Tatas
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