Haute Dish - Minneapolis

Rabbit Terrine, Fois Gras, and Amuse-Bouche. Haute Dish has all of the options for dinner that you are afraid to order for fear of mispronouncing them. Instead, you try to hide your red cheeks and nervous smile and opt to point to them hoping the waitress knows what you mean so you don't have to say it. Excuse the horrible pictures - this place is dark and I was trying not to embarrass my husband by taking pictures for this post! "Yes husband, I don't have the flash on...for the eighth time."

We started the meal off by playing a game of "Pick my Drink" where you choose a drink for someone else sitting at your table. I, luckily, was ordered a Manhattan and enjoyed every last drop of it. Next, the waitress brought us out an amazing shot of Cucumber Amuse-Bouche (cold soup) and we almost died it was so flavorful and delicious. I will be trying this recipe this weekend from Dorie Colangelo to see if it compares. Follow us on Twitter to see what we thought.

A few drinks and a million dollars later...we were full from some of the best food we have had in the Twin Cities. My picks: the House Salad and Mac N' Cheese (king crab and truffle oil? Yes please!). Cheers, Haute Dish. We will be back!


By Tannins and Tatas
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