Cheater Bellini's

What is a common phrase everyone states when you ask how they are doing? The answer: busy. We are always busy. So who has time to chop, grind, and puree? Well, some of us may enjoy chopping, grinding, and pureeing, but sometimes we just want a quick fix. So are you in the mood for a Bellini, but not in the mood for chopping, grinding, or pureeing fruit? No worries. Grab a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne and a bag of freeze dried fruit.

I purchased my freeze dried fruit at Target. Drop a few pieces of the chosen fruit into a champagne glass, add the sparkling wine, wait a minute or two for the fruit to hydrate and done! You have a Cheater Bellini. Add a few drops of simple syrup if the fruit you choose isn't overly sweet. The freeze dried peaches were perfect without any additions. Although maybe not quite as good as real fruit, this substitute was still perfect when in a time crunch.



By Tannins and Tatas
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