Cabs Under $10

We had our Cabernet Sauvignon tasting a few weekends ago. The rules - we couldn't go over $10 for the bottle that we chose to bring. It wasn't hard - there are plenty of options for Cabs under $10 but they are not all created equal! Our reviews of each wine will come later this week but here are some tips if you are planning on having a Cabernet Sauvignon tasting.

Pick a theme: A theme is a fun way to guide your guests in choosing their wine bottle to bring. It can be very overwhelming walking into a liquor store with thousands of bottles of wine to choose from. A price point can help narrow it down greatly or even an Old World - New World comparison would work as well. We had a side comparison of a Cab from France and one from California during our tasting.

Serve Great Food: Cabs are often medium to full bodied, fruity, and complex wines. Shoot for garlicky veggies, BBQ beef, or a cheese plate with light cheeses. Asiago, medium cheddars, or blue cheese will pair well with most Cabernet Sauvignons but your local cheese store should be able to make some great suggestions.

Lastly, keep it simple! Let the wine be the highlight of the party, not the decor or food so don't worry about them! Grab some talking points for the wine varietal you choose so you can educate your guests a bit. Let us know if you have any questions for your next wine tasting, we would be happy to help!


By Tannins and Tatas
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