45th Parallel Distillery

5.0 out of 5.0

Well this post isn't wine related but we thought we had to let you all in on New Richmond's gem of a distillery: 45th Parallel. We love some good scotch or Whiskey and have very high standards when it comes to sipping alcohol. New Richmond's small, family-owned distillery provides a great learning experience for those who are into Whiskeys, but it is also a fun time for those who aren't! We love everything about their distillery:

  • Local, family-owned
  • Fun & very knowledgeable "tour guide" (We're sure he does more than just show everyone around and pour samples)
  • Their vodka is created entirely by 45th Parallel Distillery and uses grain grown by a local farmer (Arlen and his son John who you hear a wonderful story about during the tour) from New Richmond.

Their Border Bourbon - made in small batches so we save ours for the late nights that we are plugging away at a post about a distillery (Notice the empty glasses. I'm clearly having wine right now...it's Monday. Cheers).

Not a Whiskey drinker? They have plenty of other options: gin, Limoncello & Orangecello and several flavors of vodka (they have a Horseradish vodka that is not our favorite straight but would be amazing in a Bloody Mary).

If you're a fan of Living Social check there before heading out. Our friends took us for our Birthdays and got a really good deal through Living Social.

Stop by and check out their tasting room if you can't make it for a full tour (which is a lot of fun so you should try).


This last picture is for all of you Walking Dead fans - next episode take a drink everytime Rick says "Carllllllll" in his deep, raspy voice! On second thought, don't. You'd be hammered and we just saved you a Monday morning hangover at work! You're welcome!

By Tannins and Tatas
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