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I am addicted to vintage storage (boxes, trays, you name it). I have so many bottles of wine that I should just have my husband build us a wine cellar instead of that woodshop he's been wanting (wishful thinking)! Until then, I'll keep finding unique ways to store and display them.

My go-to shop for vintage home items is 3:17 Vintage in Afton, MN and my bank account would suggest I spend too much "time" there... My husband says I need to "cool it" with the wood crates but that won't be happening any time soon. I found the Barq's Root Beer vintage crate (pictured above) and turned it into a cute drink station for our dining room. Mount them on the wall for a great way to display your liquor, glasses, or glass vase filled of corks.

Local vendors stock this quaint store located in an old, adorable white house in the heart of Afton. Learn more about their vendors and be sure to check out Belle Junque and Farm Girl Finds - we own quite a few of their beautiful pieces and keep going back for more!

Within walking distance to a wine bar, cafe with live music, and the picturesque views of the St. Croix River, 3:17 is the perfect stop for a girl's weekend. "Like" them on Facebook and check out their upcoming sales and available merchandise!

One more pic of an awesome tray I picked up last weekend from 3:17 - perfect tray to place two wine glasses and a bottle of wine for our guests coming to visit this weekend. Full disclosure, I will not guarantee the wine is still there by then.



By Tannins and Tatas
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