Working Dog Winery

5.0 out of 5.0

This past weekend we visited Working Dog Winery in East Windsor. Located in Central New Jersey and previously known as Silver Decoy, Working Dog Winery produces exceptional wine full of flavor. Being from out of state, our only thoughts about New Jersey prior to moving here were of tan and muscly guys on the beach and thick awesome accents. New Jersey is so much more than that and offers some memorable wine experiences. It's called the Garden State for a reason and Working Dog Winery is nestled in Mercer County surrounded by hilly terrain and picturesque views.

Our Favorite White: Traminette

Our Favorite Red: Cabernet Franc

Check out: Blueberry Wine

The blueberry wine tastes like you are eating a blueberry right out of the carton. Although fruit wines may not be for everyone's palate, this is one to definitely try.

Check them out at and if you are ever in New Jersey, their winery is worth the trip!

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By Tannins and Tatas
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