Winter at Wollersheim

4.0 out of 5.0

The temperature somehow reached 50 degrees this past weekend, which motivated us to cram a quick visit to Wollersheim into our busy schedule. A few construction workers and some large machinery greeted us. We know, that sounds like a terrible experience but it is actually the best sign for brandy drinkers and Wollersheim fans! In summer of 2015, Wollersheim's new distillery is set to open and we can't wait! They will focus on the production of many distilled spirits including their popular Coquard Brandy, which sold out before we could get a taste. Coquard Brandy is 100% sourced, grown, and produced in Wisconsin and we will definitely be waiting outside come next summer to try and snag some up!

Once you pass the construction of the new distillery, the property that encompasses Wollersheim is breathtaking. Even on a foggy, winter day we can see why Wollersheim is a popular tourism spot in the Midwest. Although 50 degrees seems warm for December in Wisconsin, we still ran up the hill to the shop and tasting room without paying much attention to the historical marker along the path.

Inside the tasting room they had seven complimentary wines for us to try that day as well as additional wine flights worth a try. The Red Flight Tasting and Specialty Wine Tastings are two of our favorite flights.

Wollersheim makes an impressive amount of flavorful wines but here are a few of our top picks:

Prairie Fume ($9)

This white wine is full of flavor and is Wollersheim's most popular wine for a reason. Made from 100% Seyval Blanc grapes sourced from vineyards in New York, this wine is full of citrus flavor and a wine you can enjoy with a variety of foods. Try our recipe for pork chops with a glass of Prairie Fume, delicious! They also come in a four back of 187 ml mini bottles, an ideal gift for a new mom.

Ice Wine ($49)

Wollersheim's Ice Wine is pricey and if you like sweet wine this one is for you. Coming in at $49 for a half liter, this is a wine for a special occasion and not for everyday drinking. While sweet wines are not my favorite, the amount of work and dedication it takes to make an ice wine makes it worth enjoying. The grapes are left on the vine until mid-December where they are then handpicked when temperatures are too cold for most of us to even step outside. The production method is a long and slow process which can be reflected in the $49 price tag. Ice Wine makes for an excellent conversation piece and will pair nicely with dessert.

Tip: Their Ice Wine is corked with a natural cork and should be stored sideways and kept in a cool location. Run hot water over the wax coating around the cork when ready to serve.

Sparkling White Grape Juice ($5)

If you have children or a guest who doesn't drink, this is an alcohol free drink that has no added sugar and is absolutely delicious! Even the little ones can share a toast this holiday season!

Cedarburg Spice ($8)

We love mulled wine, especially in the winter. If you are in a time crunch and can't make your own, try Cedar Creek Winery's version of sweet mulled red wine. Flavors of clove and allspice are prevalent in this mulled wine making it the perfect wine to enjoy this holiday season and all throughout the winter. Cedar Creak Winery is the sister winery to Wollersheim and located in the historical town of Cedarburg, WI.

Check them out at but they are open year-round and we highly recommend you take a trip soon to visit their Winery! We easily made it into their Caseclub (woops, we purchased 16 bottles and my bank account hates me) so we will see you soon, Wollersheim!

Check our tips prior to heading out to Wollersheim or any winery to make the most out of your winery visit!


By Tannins and Tatas
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