Winter at St. Croix Vineyards

Winter wine tastings can be a great way to beat the winter blues. Many wineries are still open in the winter here in Minnesota and are far less busy than the summer making the experience all that more enjoyable. We visited St. Croix Vineyards last week with some friends and were able to speak to staff more since we were the only ones there. It was a bit cold in the old barn wine tasting room but not uncomfortable. They did have several options to warm up outside of the wine! We would take being a little cold over a summer visit where it can get very busy and you don't get time to pick the staff's brains about the vineyard and their wine.

Located in Stillwater and one of the largest wineries in Minnesota, St. Croix Vineyards produces many award-winning wines.

Favorite Red: Frontenac

Favorite White: Frontenac Gris

Check Out: Raspberry Infusion

Paired with dark chocolate, this dessert wine is full of raspberry flavor and of our favorite local dessert wines.

They created a great atmosphere to enjoy a glass of wine. From the bathrooms with old newspapers as wallpaper to the old barn tasting room connected to an apple barn, St. Croix Vineyards is one of our go-to vineyards to visit in the winter and all throughout the year.


By Tannins and Tatas
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