​Reusing Corks - A Simple and Quick Gift Idea

Reusing Corks - A Simple and Quick Gift Idea

Do you have a pile of corks that look similar to this:

If so, reuse some of those corks by making them into magnets. They are fun for your fridge and fun to give away as small gifts. Here is how:

Use a clip such as this to help hold the cork and to protect your fingers.

Grab a bread knife or a ceramic knife to carefully slice the cork in half lengthwise. This can take a little effort, so be patient and work slowly. You don't want blood on your new magnet. Artificial corks are also easier to cut than real cork. Just a tip.

Once the cork is cut, glue a magnet on the back. You can find magnets at your local craft or hardware store. These particular magnets were purchased at Michael's. Use a strong powered glue like super glue as an adhesive.

And done! So simple and fun!


Tannins and Tatas

By Tannins and Tatas
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