Mini Bottles of Wine, A Wino's Best Friend

Have you ever walked into a liquor store and saw those mini bottles of wine and wondered what the point was? You knew you would need an entire bottle to drink that night so why mess around with those little baby bottles? Here are five reasons why mini wine bottles are the best invention yet:

5. Some places don't serve wine

Yes, there are places that do not serve wine. Why would such a place exist? If you have ever been to a beer tent and you don't really like beer, don't worry! These little bottles will take care of your anti-beer taste buds.

4. Football games are awful

Cold. Long. Uncomfortable seats. The list of why football games are awful could go on for pages. You will need more than your four layers of clothing, a large coat, boots, and a blanket to sit on to keep you warm and forget about how sore your ass is from sitting on shitty flat and metal bleachers.

3. Canoeing is unpredictable

Let's be fair to our environment, we really shouldn't bring glass on the river. Mini bottles are plastic and you can easily put the top back on if you can't drink the whole bottle in one sip. Next time you tip over your canoe you won't spill your wine or break your glass. Added bonus - mini bottles float!

2. Family events are often unbearable

Attending a family event when you really don't like your family is difficult to say the least. You aren't sure what the wine situation will be and you need to make sure there is enough to get you through the day. Take an extra trip or a few to the bathroom and have yourself a mini bottle of wine to help cope with your dysfunctional family.

1. Most movie theaters don't serve alcohol

These mini bottles full of fun can fit in almost any purse. Throw out those contraband sour patch kids and replace them with wine. Even if the movie stinks, you will still have a good time.

Disclaimer: We are not suggesting you drink alcohol where it is not permitted. Follow all posted rules regarding alcohol and what you are able to carry in to any event. We will not be held liable if you break said rules or guidelines.

By Tannins and Tatas
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