Champagne Cookies

We stumbled upon Stephanie's blog, Girl Versus Dough, the other day and we are hooked and read it weekly. We are always looking for new deserts to try and last weekend we made Stephanie's Pink Champagne Cookies for a Christmas party we had that night.

We used the cheapest pink Champagne we could find and it was still $8 so these cookies are not cheap! It did take longer than anticipated to cool down our Champagne reduction but the cookies were worth the wait. We let it cool overnight and made them the next morning and the flavor was still amazing. Tangy and most definitely fruity, these cookies are the perfect classy and delicious desert to serve at your New Year's Eve party this year.

We always suggest to serve the wine varietal you cook with at your party and the same goes for baking. In doing so, you will guarantee that the food and wine will pair well together. With dessert it is important to note that the wine you serve should always be sweeter than the dessert to avoid the wine tasting bitter after you have had a bite of dessert. Try a dessert wine instead of Champagne such as Wollersheim's Ice Wine or a sweet Riesling since these cookies are more tangy than sweet.

Check out the recipe here and make sure to watch your cookies bake - the recipe says bake for 12-15 minutes but ours were overdone in 10 (we have a tricky oven though so probably our fault).

Have a glass of Champagne this year with a pink Champagne cookie! So long 2014 and here's to 2015!

Have a safe and happy NYE!


By Tannins and Tatas
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