BYOB…What Should I bring?

Whether it's a BYOB restaurant or a party, it's sometimes tough to decide what to bring. Will I be having a steak tonight or the fish? Will they be serving Mexican food at the party or will it be Chinese? Here are some tips to make sure your BYOB experience is a good one.

  1. Keep It Simple - If you don't know what you are ordering or what is being served, avoid overly strong bodied wines or overly sweet wines – Semi-Dry Rieslings, Sparkling wines, and Blushes are generally good pairing choices when the food being served is unknown.
  2. If you are at a winery, ask your wine consultants which of their wines pair well with a wide variety of foods. Buy a couple bottles to keep on hand in case you need to BYOB. Local wines are always fun to bring along to events since you can't always find them at the liquor store.
  3. Do Your Research – Most restaurants have an online menu. If a wine pairing is a big concern, pre-plan what you are going to order and choose a wine based on your selection.
  4. Bring more than one bottle – Why not, right? Bring along one white and one red. If you aren't as picky, look for a general Table Red or Table White at your local liquor store. These tend to be more general drinking wines and typically will pair well with a wide variety of foods.


By Tannins and Tatas
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