All Purpose Wine Glasses

All purpose wine glasses are a great gift for the beginner wine enthusiast or for someone who never drinks wine. I bought a 4-pack for my cousin for Christmas this year and found them at Target for $5.99. He just closed on his first house and is not an avid wine drinker. So why would I get him wine glasses?

What would he do in the event that he had a lady over and she asked for a glass of wine? Luckily he can now go grab an all purpose wine glass and not look like a total bachelor. He probably never thought his cousin would act as his wing(wo)man. You're welcome, thank me later!

Tip: Make sure to give him or her a decent bottle of white & red wine too so they have each covered for whatever their guest asks for. You know they'll never be caught dead buying a bottle of wine and probably wouldn't know where to start if they tried.

By Tannins and Tatas
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